In 1944, Dorothy Dandridge was considered by Twentieth Century Fox for the title role in Pinky, a film that told the story of a light-skinned Black woman who “passed” for white during her youth as a student in the North. Pinky faced the “dilemma” of living her true race when she returned home to the South. While Dorothy was indeed light skin, she had color to her & was not considered light enough to pass for white. Twentieth Century Fox was worried about how the public would react to Dorothy, a then unknown Black actress. The script called for the character of Pinky to have a romance with a white actor. Had Dorothy been cast in the role, the studio would have had problems with the film industry’s Production Code Administration because miscegenation (racial mixing) was strictly prohibited. Jeanne Craine, a white actress, was ultimately cast in the role.


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Mista - Blackberry Molasses. Bobby Valentino was in this group.


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